Congratulations to Professor Trimble’s “Cyberlaw” Students

Congratulations to the 45 Boyd Law students who have taken the “Cyberlaw” course with me this semester. They have all successfully completed the course, which exposed them to a variety of legal issues associated with the internet and prepared them for today’s practice of law that inevitably involves the internet. This semester the course was particularly dynamic because of the world’s extraordinary reliance on the internet during the pandemic and the many recent internet law-related controversies. In addition to the “traditional” internet law topics, such as internet domain names, internet service provider liability, online dispute resolution, and cybercrime, and the typical internet law statutes, such as the Communications Decency Act (Section 230), the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (Section 512), and the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, we also covered online privacy, network and search neutrality, and antitrust issues of internet service providers. Of course, we also discussed legal issues of geoblocking, cyberwar, and human rights on the internet.