Good Bye and Best Wishes: The End of Spring 2021 Brings the End of Professor Trimble’s Boyd Law Bytes

Professor Trimble’s Boyd Law Bytes was conceived to support the Boyd Law community during the pandemic. In fall 2020 the Bytes took the form of live online events with guest speakers; in spring 2021 the Bytes transformed into this blog, which I have run since December 29, 2020. The blog has shared uplifting news about the Boyd Law community since then while we all have been waiting for the vaccine. My goal for the blog was to post at least one piece of good news per day – a goal that was easily met. Now, with the end of the 2021 spring semester and vaccinations well on their way, the blog will close.

It has been a pleasure for me to share all the wonderful news from the Boyd Law community during this academic year. It is now time to return to normal and pass the baton to Boyd Law’s Marketing and Communications Department to continue with all the good news from Boyd Law.

Best wishes to all!