Professor Garcia’s Casebook to be Published in Its Sixth Edition

“Legal Protection for the Individual Employee,” the casebook co-authored by Professor Ruben Garcia, will be published this June in its sixth edition. According to the publisher’s website, the casebook “covers the full range of employment law subjects from the nature of the employment relationship, the definition of “employee”, pre-employment screening, individual employment contracts, the employment at-will doctrine, exceptions to the employment at–will doctrine, obligations of employees, monitoring and control of employees, the regulation of pay and hours of work (FLSA), state and federal regulation of workers compensation, unemployment compensation, the regulation of occupational safety and health (OSHA), state and federal regulation of unemployment compensation, and the regulation of employee benefits (ERISA).”

Congratulations to Professor Garcia and his co-authors, Professors Kenneth G. Dau-Schmidt (Indiana University School of Law – Bloomington), Matthew W. Finkin (University of Illinois College of Law), and Jason R. Bent (Stetson University College of Law).